About Us

Flinders General Store

Down here at Flinders, we’re on the edge. On the tip of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria’s finest regional food and drink cornucopia. It’s just our small town, this beautiful coast and the wild vastness of Bass Strait beyond.  

While the tides wait for no one, we have a long history in this place.  For over 154 years, this charming store with its broad verandahs and friendly folk, have looked after locals and holiday makers alike.  Supplying the best of our region, and the latest local news, we love it when you stop in for a shop and a yarn.  

Picnic in the cove, exploring the stillness of the rock pools or a sunset on the pier – our special part of the Mornington Peninsula is paradise.

Use the convenience of click and collect to stock up for your holiday, then come see us in store each morning for coffee and a top up on the essentials.  And of course, we’re still delivering locally, we only keep the best parts of old fashioned. 


Over the years the Store has passed from family to family, in many cases the business has been passed down through several generations. Owners such as Hooky Simmonds (1904-1922), Alf Murray (1922-1959) and Frank and Olive Commons (1959-1987) became community legends.  

Hooky Simmonds used to hand out dates and sweets to kids who called in on their way home from school and gave his regular customers Christmas gifts which they could usually choose for themselves. Alf Murray was said to have carried many of the local fisherman through the winter by allowing them to pay their accounts only when the summer fishing picked up. Frank and Olive Commons were so integral to the Flinders community that the Store was an absolute village hub (known as ‘The House of Commons’). Frank was awarded a British Empire Medal for services to the community. The fire brigade siren was inside the back door of the shop and people made their doctors appointments at the store.